Sunday, January 29, 2012

+Positive Energy Wear

Here's a sneak peek of our new yoga line +Positive Energy Wear shoot last Friday. Our line will include various yoga tops and pants as well as different types of yoga mats and bags. The fabric is 100% bamboo wear that's antibacterial and wicks sweat. The fabric is so lightweight and smooth, you will look forward wearing them to your next yoga class.


Model: Romena 
Photographer: Zach Gomez

Sunday, January 8, 2012


"You're on!" That's the voice inside my head throughout the day. It's January 8th 2012, exactly one full week of this new year. What will YOU do differently this year? What will YOU achieve? Most importantly, what do YOU want to happen that's going to change YOUR life?

On the stroke of midnight of this new year, instead of partying I did something totally different from all the other New Year's Eve celebrations in the past. I sat down with my laptop and wrote down all the goals I have for this year. I wrote down all the things I want to happen, no matter how ambitious they seem and mapped out the ways in getting there. From business, to health, to being a better person and having a positive impact on other people, and overall future. I kept writing until about 2am and ended up mapping past for what I wanted this year and what I wanted out of LIFE.

This whole week has been a change. Call it an awakening or an epiphany. I want to achieve everything on my list and do everything possible to get there. They say "Failure breeds the fear of failure, and ultimately Success." It's true. It's not that I am afraid of failure. Failure is all part of the journey. But I hate it and I hate any shortcomings. I feel any ounce of it robs me from my full potential out of life. Here are some notes I to pass on to achieving what YOU want.

  • Let go of the baggage. Let go of the negative thoughts, images, people (even friends), and anything that brings you down. Just like there's good food for you, there's healthy foods and that applies with thoughts and energy. It's either positive or negative. None in between. Life is too short to have people telling you it's not possible. To have people holding you down. I know we all want to be there for our friends but we have so much energy to give out that it's taxing to keep catering to the self imposed mental shortcomings of other people. 
  • Look onto other successful people whom YOU look up to. This could be a famous philanthropist, business person, celebrity, academic, or whomever is making or made an impact on this world. This will remind you that it is possible to have a vision and achieve YOUR dream and full potential. 
  • Finally, look into yourself. Ask yourself what YOU really want out of life. There's a superstar in each and every one of us. And it is only through what other people and society telling you that it's not possible. There is a fire burning within us. Keep that fire alive. Nourish it with positive emotions, foods, people, experience, and watch it propel you to the next level and YOUR FULL POTENTIAL. 
Last night it hit me. It reminded me why exactly we started +Positive Energy Bands. It reminded me that it all starts with your head. It starts with a vision you have in life, and the journey is getting up everyday and doing the most out of that day to get closer with that dream. This reminded me of what our message ultimately is. We wanted something that will remind us that we are on that path of achievement, and that "YOU'RE ON!" Every time I look down at my wrist and see the band. I know "I'M ON!"

There's 357 days left this year. When you waste a day, the universe is indifferent and the countdown continues. Be that positive impact in life. Don't just stand still. Knock down your wall of doubts, critics, naysayers, and follow your vision. 

To a good year, and a good life.